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MPeach, aka Mariana Martín Capriles, is a Venezuelan multi-disciplinary artist. She's a vocalist, producer, DJ, and audiovisual artist from Caracas, Venezuela, living in Brooklyn, NY. Her music currently intertwines electronic sounds and strong basses with rhythms rooted in traditional Venezuelan music. Throughout her career, she's been interested in exploring the sounds of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa and the possibilities of these sounds in new electronic territories.


MPeach has toured across the United States, Latin America, and Europe, with highlights including SXSW, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, Brooklyn Museum, and the "Por El Medio De La Calle" Music Festival. She has released music with Dutty Artz, Abstractor, NWLA, Interscope, Majia, and her imprint PEACHTOWN. Furthermore, she has music in several official motion picture soundtracks, including "Skate Kitchen" by award-winning director Crystal Moselle.

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